Navigating the Plastic Industry: Challenges and Innovations

The plastics industry, a cornerstone of modern manufacturing, is at a crossroads. While plastics have revolutionized various sectors, from packaging to healthcare, the environmental toll is undeniable. The challenge lies in balancing innovation with sustainability. One of the industry’s pressing concerns is plastic waste management. With oceans choked by plastic debris and landfills overflowing, there’s… Read more »

How to Design the Right Plastic Injection Molding Parts

Designing plastic injection molding parts? How should you do it in order to get “the right” parts you need? Material Considerations First, figure out what material the mold will be made from (steel? aluminum?) and what your intended production volume will be. Pick out a final surface finish for your design. Maybe you want a… Read more »

What Are the Advantages of Over Molding?

Overmolding is an injection molding process where plastic is molded over a primary component such as another plastic part, a metal part, an electric cable or a printed circuit board. Overmolding can be done for several reasons, such as improving durability or adding a grip or a handle to a part. How does overmolding work?… Read more »

The Case for Plastic Parts

A long time ago metal was the material of choice for so many things. However, in the 1950s, plastic manufacturing took over, and has been dominant ever since. Some manufacturers are still pro-metal, while others are pro-plastic, and, of course, some combine the two as needed. Still, can a case be made for plastic parts… Read more »

Who Benefits From Metal to Plastic Part Conversions?

If you visit a history museum, you’ll notice a lot of older items and products were made of metal. It wasn’t until the 1950s that plastic materials became popular for so many things. During the 1950s, many items that were previously made from metal started to be made, instead, from plastic. Many manufacturers made the… Read more »

Plastic Injection Molding Facts

Plastic injection molding helps produce consistent plastic components and products. OEMS, aftermarket suppliers, packing companies, and consumer goods manufacturers all benefit from utilizing plastic injection molding services from companies like Bridgville Plastics of Stevensville, Michigan, in the southwestern section of the state, just north of the border with Indiana. Several Industries Use Injection Molding Several… Read more »

Is Plastic Injection Molding Right for My Company?

So you own or run a company… have you considered plastic injection molding services? Might they be right for your particular company? Simple Yet Reliable When you want to produce products and/or parts, plastic injection molding can be advantageous in many ways. Known for being both simple and reliable, plastic injection molding is an extremely… Read more »

Thanks to Affordable Design Opportunities, Plastic Parts Are Growing Increasingly Popular

Take a tour of an old house, an old boat, or an old car sometime and you’ll notice they didn’t have plastic items. It wasn’t really until the 1960s that plastics became en vogue, and today they’re literally everywhere. The Proliferation of Plastic Parts Designers are always trying to come up with improved shapes, designs,… Read more »

What Are the Benefits of Engineering and Tooling Services?

Bridgville Plastics can handle a range of tooling and engineering services for manufacturing processes. With the right equipment and expertise, Bridgville Plastics can affordably build/manufacture almost any part or product. So what are some benefits of tooling and engineering services? There are many benefits. Quick Turnarounds Consider tooling services. The tooling process involves making a… Read more »