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Who Benefits From Metal to Plastic Part Conversions?

If you visit a history museum, you’ll notice a lot of older items and products were made of metal. It wasn’t until the 1950s that plastic materials became popular for so many things. During the 1950s, many items that were previously made from metal started to be made, instead, from plastic. Many manufacturers made the… Read more »

Is Plastic Injection Molding Right for My Company?

So you own or run a company… have you considered plastic injection molding services? Might they be right for your particular company? Simple Yet Reliable When you want to produce products and/or parts, plastic injection molding can be advantageous in many ways. Known for being both simple and reliable, plastic injection molding is an extremely… Read more »

Here’s Why Plastic Parts Are a Better Option Than Metal Ones

Plastic Injection Molding

What did society do before plastic? For the most part, many items, including train parts, car parts and plane parts, were made of metal. But today, plastic seems more popular than metal. Why are plastic parts a better option than metal ones? Well, there are several reasons.  Plastic Molds Mean More Efficient Production Runs In… Read more »

Should Your Product Contain Plastic or Metal Parts?

Injection Molding of Plastic Parts

Should your product be plastic or metal? These days, more and more products are made of plastic– everything from canoes to airplane parts! If you were to visit a museum and look at items from the 1800s, you’d see a lot of metal. It wasn’t until after 1907 or so that mass-produced plastic items really… Read more »

3 Advantages to Choosing Plastic Injection Molding Services

Plastic Injection Molding Services

Are you thinking about using plastic injection molding services to produce plastic parts? If so, there are many benefits to this simple, yet advantageous method. Here are three reasons why you should consider plastic injection molding services. Plastic injection molding services can accommodate nearly any type of design. Whether you have a complex, intricate part… Read more »

Things to Keep In Mind When Choosing a New Plastic Injection Molder

Plastic Injection Molders

Whether it’s due to financial reasons, productivity answers, the need for a new mold or some other reason, you may be considering moving your mold to a new injector. If you’re in that process, keeps these things in mind as you search for the right fit for your needs…and your mold. Find Out What You… Read more »

Questions to Ask When Considering a Metal to Plastic Conversion

Metal to Plastic Conversions

There are many advantages to using plastic parts as opposed to metal ones. For starters, plastic parts are typically much cheaper to produce than their metal counterparts. They’re also much easier to make and can often stand up to most of the same conditions as metal parts. Nevertheless, before you decide to use the metal… Read more »

Which Plastics Are Most Often Used in Injection Molding?

Plastics for Injection Molding

Are you interested in manufacturing numerous high-quality plastic parts for an affordable price? One of your best options is plastic injection molding. The injection molding process can utilize a handful of different types of plastics to create the parts you need. Take a look at a few of the plastic options that will be available… Read more »

Insert vs. Overmolding

Overmolding vs Insert Molding

Are you thinking about using plastic injection molding to create parts for your company? If so, you’ll have the option of using either the insert molding process or the overmolding process to do it. Before you decide which one would be better, you should take the time to get a better understanding of how each… Read more »

Why Plastic Injection Molding Could Be the Right Option For Your Business

Plastic Injection Molding

If you run a business that specializes in producing plastic parts, consider doing it with plastic injection molding. This process has become very popular among businesses that need to produce larger quantities. What are some of the advantages of using plastic injection molding for your plastic parts? Plastic injection molding results in accurate parts. When… Read more »