Design Assistance Services

If you have a new invention, you know a better way to make an existing product, or you have an idea for an item that will simply make life easier, it is time to build a prototype. Building a prototype does not have to be stressful, complicated or overly expensive. Bridgville Plastics provides design assistance and prototypes for manufacturing in Michigan to make it easy to build your new product.

Design assistance is essential when you are building your prototype. We will help you design the item for use as well as production, so customers will enjoy using the product and production expenses can be minimized. By making a few slight changes and by selecting the right production methods, such as injection molding or over molding, your parts or products can be produced for affordable costs. We will also help you choose the right materials, particularly when using over molding processes, so your product will be durable, user-friendly and cost-efficient.

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