Insert and Over Molding

Bridgville Plastics provides molded inserts and over molding injections in Michigan for parts and components of all types. Whether you are making a simple, one-time-use disposable item or a more complex part or housing that will be built to last, we can help. We provide plastic inserts and over molding for almost any substrate, including metal, other plastics, rubber, TPE and more.

Molded inserts and over molding injections can be used to make the part or item safer, more durable, more user-friendly, visually pleasing, or to complete the part. The molded inserts and over molding allow you to create another layer on top of the original part. This may include a grip or handle, coloration or aesthetic elements, a reinforcing layer to add durability, or a layer to secure or shield other parts, like screws or wires.

Tell us what you are looking for and what substrate you are using, and we will give you a range of options for the type of plastic available, color options and pricing. Call today to get a quote for molded inserts and over molding injections.