Reasons to Outsource Your Plastic Injection Molding Projects

Many companies utilize plastic injection molding processes in-house. Heated plastic substrate gets injected into a mold whereas the liquid is allowed to cool to a solid, etc. That said, in-house injection molding isn’t always easy or cost-effective. There can be both cost and logistics concerns. What if the product’s quality isn’t up to par? What if there’s a problem with the process in-house and time is of the essence?

The Design and Production of Plastic Parts

Outsourcing Injection Molding Projects

Sometimes it just makes sense to outsource injection molding projects to an expert company who does it and does it well so your business doesn’t have to have the headaches of “issues” that may go wrong.


Rather than invest tons of money on your own molding machinery, let someone else do that! This is especially true if you only need small quantities produced and it wouldn’t make sense to own and store your own equipment. Furthermore, outsourcing gains you guaranteed expertise and increased quality. You don’t want unpredictable results with inconsistencies, right? Then give the job of injection molding over to a company that focuses on injection molding and can handle all sorts of scenarios you might not be prepared for– or have time for! 

Improved Efficiency

Plastic injection molding involves an optimized flow rate with factors such as rounded corners and uniform walls. There also needs to be uniform cooling time. Gussets and ribs can be incorporated to increase strength and to use material efficiently. And efficiency is important, right? Of course. 

More Affordable

What’s more, outsourcing your plastic injection needs will actually help your bottom line when you factor in the amount of money, resources and manpower that hiring the right machinists and training them on how you want the projects completed would take.

Injection Molding of Plastic Parts

In addition, if the job is not done correctly, you will have to reject the parts and start all over again from scratch. When you go with an outside expert, you can be rest assured knowing the job will be done correctly to your specifications and will be completed on time.

Reasons to Choose Bridgville Plastics

Bridgville Plastics has over three decades worth of experience in creating custom and standard plastic molding solutions for businesses in a wide array of industries, including many plants and industrial businesses.  Although we’re located in Stevensville, MI, we work with clients nationally and help them design and manufacture the right plastic parts for their needs.

At our shop, we have 15 robust presses, with our biggest one weighing 1100 tons! By having an assortment of machines and different integrated technologies, we’re able to provide our clients with all sorts of part options, including custom ones that are tailored to suit the specific needs of your business.

Please note, we are ISO certified and we have built our reputation in the area and throughout the industry by providing superior customer service. In addition to plastic injection molding, we also offer insert and overmolding services, engineering and tooling services, metal to plastic conversions and design assistance services.  

If you care about costs, and you probably do, then outsource plastic injection molding projects to Bridgville Plastics– just call 269-465-6516. That way you don’t need to waste time on training and hiring, or deal with production errors or rejected parts. Your bottom line matters, so gain the expertise of another company when it comes to affordable, efficient plastic injection molding. 

If you have any general or specific questions, or if you’d like to learn more about the services we offer, contact us today.