Should Your Product Contain Plastic or Metal Parts?

Injection Molding of Plastic Parts

Should your product be plastic or metal? These days, more and more products are made of plastic– everything from canoes to airplane parts! If you were to visit a museum and look at items from the 1800s, you’d see a lot of metal. It wasn’t until after 1907 or so that mass-produced plastic items really took off– and took off, they did. Go into any Wal-Mart or Dollar Tree today and most of the products on the shelves are made of plastic! 

What are some of the advantages of plastic?

Plastic is Less Likely to Corrode

Plastic weighs appreciably less than metal. It doesn’t corrode. It’s less likely to suffer chemical attack. And it’s easy to cut through, so parts can be made quicker. Plastic is also dent-resistant. These are some major highlights of plastic.

Plastic Parts Are Equipped to Handle Complex Designs

Plastic eliminates the painting process that metal parts may need. Plastic can handle complex designs, including unique shapes, lettering and surface textures. Product life is typically longer for plastic (compared to metal) parts. And the cost is appreciably less. Metal processes can get expensive, whereas plastic molding saves time, money and energy. 

There are hundreds of different plastics available, while the choice of metals is limited.

The Disadvantages of Metal Parts

What are some major disadvantages of metal? Well, it’s susceptible to corrosion and oxidation. It can be difficult to machine. And secondary operations may be needed, including polishing, painting and deburring. 

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