The Design and Production of Plastic Parts from CNC Machining

The Design and Production of Plastic Parts If your company needs to produce a large number of plastic parts, one of the best methods to do so is via computer numerical control machining, which is better known as CNC machining. The CNC machining process allows you to consistently create the same parts with high precision. The plastic parts will all be identical when you take the right steps while creating them with CNC machining.

The First Steps of the CNC Machining Process

The first thing you’ll need to do to take advantage of CNC machining is design the plastic parts you want to produce. You can do this by working with a plastic production company that can take the blueprints for your plastic parts and bring them to life. The company will usually design a prototype and allow you to approve it before using computer software to perfect the design. This part of the process is important because you want to make sure you use the right design for your parts.

CNC Production

Once you have designed your plastic parts, the second thing you’ll need to do with CNC machining is start production. When you use CNC machining, this involves taking your design and saving the specifications for it on a CNC machine that will produce your parts for you. This machine will start with a big block of plastic and make cuts in it until it looks like the part you want. It will then replicate this process as many times as it takes to leave you with all the plastic parts you need.

An Alternative to CNC Machining

Although CNC machining is one way to design and produce plastic parts, you can also do it through the use of plastic injection molding. If you’d like to learn about the differences between the two methods, Bridgville Plastics, Inc. can tell you all about them and show you other methods for producing plastic parts as well. Call us at 269-465-6516 today for more information.