What is Custom Injection Molding?

Custom Injection Molding Is your company looking to fabricate custom-made plastic parts? One of the most effective ways to do it is by utilizing a process called custom injection molding. This process can be used to manufacture everything from food containers and toys to medical devices and even parts used by the military. It’s an extremely effective way to produce a bunch of parts at once that all fit the same mold, both literally and figuratively speaking.

The Custom Injection Molding Process

So, how does custom injection molding work? It’s actually a pretty simple process. It involves taking melted plastic and forcing it into a mold cavity that has been created for the purpose of producing plastic parts. The plastic is very hot when it’s injected into the mold, but it cools down over time and is then released from the mold with the result being the desired plastic part. As long as the mold is designed properly, the plastic parts that are created with it should all look and feel the same and feature the same unique characteristics when they’re finished.

A Mechanism for Hard-to-Shape Plastic Products

Custom injection molding allows companies to create plastic products that take on just about any shape. Under normal circumstances, it would be very difficult to create these same products through machining, and it would cost too much money to do it. But with custom injection molding, you can make hundreds and even thousands of plastic parts quickly at a minimal cost. There also isn’t much that would need to be done to these parts after they’re finished. It’s one of the simplest solutions for companies that need to produce a high volume of custom parts at one time.

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