Why You Should Convert Your Metal Parts into Plastic Ones

Metal to Plastic Part Conversions

Does your company specialize in manufacturing metal parts? You might want to think about converting your metal parts into plastic ones moving forward. There are so many advantages that you’ll enjoy when you use plastic parts as opposed to metal parts. Check out a few of the key benefits below.

Plastic parts are cheaper to produce than their metal counterparts.

The number one benefit of using plastic parts instead of metal parts is that plastic ones are significantly cheaper to produce. Metal just about always costs more than plastic does. The production process that you need to use to manufacture metal parts is also more costly than the one used for plastic parts.

They can be produced at a much faster rate.

Are you looking to speed up the production process of your parts? Producing plastic parts is easier to do than producing metal ones, which means you can typically do it in just a fraction of the time. You can manufacture a larger number of plastic parts in the same time it would take to create way fewer metal parts.

They’re able to stand up to most of the same demands.

Some people knock plastic parts because they don’t think they’re able to hold up as well as metal parts can. Not true! Plastic parts will, in many cases, have a higher tensile strength than metal parts. They’re also more flexible than metal parts and can resist heat and warping.

They’re lighter and cost less to ship.

If you’re going to be shipping your parts, plastic ones will, no doubt, be the less expensive option. Plastic parts are always lighter than metal ones would be. They’re also a lot easier to handle, which will cut down on the time it takes to package them up and ship them off.

As you can see, switching from metal parts to plastic ones is a good idea for any number of reasons. If you’ve decided to make the change, Bridgville Plastics provides metal to plastic conversions. Call us at 269-465-6516 to hear about how easy it is to start producing plastic parts.