The Case for Plastic Parts

Plastic Injection Molding

A long time ago metal was the material of choice for so many things. However, in the 1950s, plastic manufacturing took over, and has been dominant ever since. Some manufacturers are still pro-metal, while others are pro-plastic, and, of course, some combine the two as needed. Still, can a case be made for plastic parts (over metal)? Definitely.

More Molding Options

When it comes to design and size flexibility, plastic is better than metal because it can be molded in ways that metal can’t, and it still offers the same level of durability. For those who need to create complex or intricate designs and shapes, plastic beats metal. Say you need to create extremely tiny parts– plastic works well for those. Or you need a material that can adapt in various climates? Again, plastic beats metal.

More Affordable

So what’s cheaper? Metal or plastic? If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to metal, choose plastic because it’s cheaper to make and cheaper to store. Durable and lightweight, plastic is also less likely to get damaged during shipment or installation. Would you rather pay to ship a heavy metal piece or a lightweight plastic piece? You can see how plastic could save you based on shipping costs alone.

Safer, Longer Lifespans

Molds for Plastic Parts

Have you ever handled metal only to cut yourself on sharp edges? Yikes! Metal can injure people thanks to sharp edges. Plastic, in contrast, offers smooth edges.

Plastic has several other advantages over metal. It has a long lifespan and it’s recyclable. Reduced waste is a good reason to choose plastic over metal.

Design Flexibility

Thanks to superior design flexibility, fast manufacturing times, and the fact that plastic is lighter and cheaper than metal, plastic wins. As a bonus, it can offer higher tensile strength compared to many types of metal.

Injection molds allow for repeatable, predictable manufacturing of plastic parts and items. Unlike metal, plastic won’t corrode over time. The plastic-to-metal conversion can also make it possible to consolidate multiple metal parts into a single plastic part.

Bridgville Plastics Can Help You Switch to Plastic Parts!

Why not make the switch to plastic? Not only will you save money, but you can also eliminate some fastener and assembly needs, as well as add colors to plastic melts. This helps eliminate the need for painting and laser marking processes. When you want to get rid of time-consuming secondary processes, plastic is the logical choice.

So where can you go to get plastic parts proudly made in America? Choose Bridgville Plastics of Stevensville, Michigan. Bridgville manufactures, designs and assembles plastic components. Our workers have years of experience and use the latest equipment to handle any plastics project you need. Looking for plastic injection molding services? Need custom molding, welding, fastening, and/or bonding services? Bridgville Plastics has the know-how and capability to handle your plastics-related job. Contact Bridgville Plastics online via our contact page, here or call 269-465-6516 to connect with someone who can discuss your needs and/or help you plan your order.