Is Plastic Injection Molding Right for My Company?

Plastic Injection Molding

So you own or run a company… have you considered plastic injection molding services? Might they be right for your particular company?

Simple Yet Reliable

When you want to produce products and/or parts, plastic injection molding can be advantageous in many ways. Known for being both simple and reliable, plastic injection molding is an extremely efficient way to make quality parts and components. What are some things made from plastic injection molding? How about kayaks, containers, combs, or automotive interiors? Then there are electronic housings, toys, automotive parts, musical instrument parts, or mechanical gears. As you can see, plastic injection molding is versatile. 

Detailed Designs

Want a nice, detailed design? Injection plastic molds use extremely high pressure, and because of this, you can get a great number of details into the design of your product, component or part. The process allows for complex and detailed shapes, too.

High Outputs  

Compared to other methods of molding, once the injection mold has been designed, presses get pre-programmed and then the actual molding process operates with very high efficiency. So, if it’s a “high production output rate” you’re looking for, plastic injection molding is a smart choice. 


Fillers can be used in injection molds in order to reduce the density of the plastic while it’s being molded. These fillers actually add strength to the part or parts after they’re molded. Those who need strong and durable parts often rely on plastic injection molding. Co-injection molding, by the way, allows for making parts using different types of plastic simultaneously, so that’s a nice bonus. 

Reduced Costs

Finally, plastic injection molding can be done by machines and robotics, making it quite automated, and, therefore, reducing your costs.

Is plastic injection molding the right choice for your company? Discuss the details by calling Bridgville Plastics today at 269-465-6516. You can also read more, here.